3 courses reiki

All 3 Reiki healing workshops for just Rs 499.

You will get the access to the class for 3 months.

Imara Reiki
Imara is a mode of Reiki that vibrates on a higher energy level than most common Reiki traditions.

• Imara specializes in healing past life issues
• Imara works well in healing repressed issues
• Imara can heal areas of life that lie in the unconscious, but still affect you
• Imara uses a strongly simple but intense distance healing procedure
• Imara users quite often experience visions of spirit guides/angels, etc

• Imara sessions quite often induce visions and messages from the spirit world

Prime Reiki

One aspect of the Prime Reiki energy is what is broadly known as ‘Inner Power’ and it is quite unique among the different reiki variants. In this workshop we will be sharing Prime Reiki level 1, which has 3 symbols.

Similar to other reiki variants, there are numerous ways you can use the energy. Your imagination is the limit of the possibilities.

Gypsy Magick Reiki
Gypsy Magick Reiki connects you to your inner free spirit, higher self, the
inner child, and the wisdom of herbal magick.

This attunement allows your soul to express who you truly are, and to have fun. It is also a very healing energy that offers an inner instinctual wisdom of herb magick, and heals the emotional and spiritual bodies. This attunement is filled with joy and happiness energies that cleanses your spirit and releases unwanted clinging negative energies. Gypsy Magick Reiki is an expression of joy and healing.

Certification is not included in this offer, however for an additional fee, you can request for certification. Attunements will be given by chi ball method when you enroll for the course. How to receive the attunnement will be explained in class.

How to enroll:

Click the WhatsApp button below and we will give you the Gpay number to pay for the class. Once payment is made, you will get an email, with the class link, and your login details. You can always check back on the email for your login details, even if you forget the password and username. 

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