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4 Days Self Improvement Program

Do you want to make changes in life and become more successful in your career, as well as your relationships? This 4 days program will give you all the support you need to become a better version of yourself. Attend the presentation on zoom for 4 days.

Class timings are in IST

Aug 20, 2021 10:00 AM
Aug 21, 2021 10:00 AM
Aug 22, 2021 10:00 AM
Aug 23, 2021 10:00 AM


How to Manifest with More Clarity.

‘Power of Visualization’ is the ultimate training course for those who want to use the unique power of their imagination to change the course of their life and design their future.

Most importantly, this 1 hour course will help you overcome the common obstacles to successful visualization and teach you how to manifest your dreams into reality!

This course will teach you everything you need to know about harnessing the immense power of your mind to transform your life.

Follow the steps taught in this powerful course and you’ll start noticing changes IMMEDIATELY.

If you are sick and tired of broken dreams and not attracting what you desire in life… If you want to manifest your dream life,

Then you owe it to yourself and everyone around you to learn the simple but powerful steps taught in the ‘Power of Visualization.’

Here are some things you’ll learn in this eye-opening program:

✅7 habits that will supercharge your visualization practice.

✅The little known secret about your mind and how you can use it to your advantage.

✅The ridiculous myths and misconceptions about visualization that prevent people from taking advantage of it.

✅The core difference between visualization and meditation plus how you can use both to your advantage.

✅3 scientifically proven studies that confirm that visualization really works.

✅4 facts on how visualization affects your brain that most people don’t know.

✅The one thing that is preventing you from using visualization successfully.

✅How to use the ‘Reticular Activating System’ of your brain to literally see the opportunities that are hiding in plain sight around you.

✅7 benefits of visualization and how to take advantage of them.

✅How to use visualization to manage stress and anxiety.

✅The secret to mastering new and complex skills that you’ve always yearned for.

✅Struggling to generate creative ideas? Use the super-easy techniques mentioned in this course.

✅How low self-esteem prevents you from achieving your most ambitious goals.

✅Are you making these 8 mistakes that block the power of visualization?

✅The number one enemy of visualization success.

✅11 powerful visualization techniques that you can start using today to transform your life.

And many other powerful techniques inside!


Hidden Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

There’s no such thing as a life that involves just an unlimited number of rainbows, and smiles, and lollipops.

We live in reality, and believe me, there is always room for improvement.

At the very least, most of us are living far below our potential. We know we are capable of so much more. We know that we have the raw ingredients for great success and accomplishment in this life.

Still, for whatever reason often self-inflicted, we fail to live up to our fullest potential.

If you answer yes to any of the below, you need this…

👉You’re looking for some breakthrough in your relationship.

👉You’re stuck in a job you hate.

👉You feel that you are not in the best physical shape you’re otherwise capable of achieving.

👉You feel you are living far below your potential.

👉You feel you have the raw ingredients for great success and accomplishment in this life but want to learn how to use them.

This is what you will learn in this course:

✅The Conscious Mind Is Limited

✅Just How Limited Is Our Conscious Mind?

✅The Conscious Mind Is Powerful But Self-Limited

✅Your Conscious Mind Needs The Help Of Your Subconscious Mind

✅Learn To Control Your Subconscious Mind

✅Just Because It’s Hidden, Doesn’t Mean It Doesn’t Exist

✅Own Your Subconscious Mind

✅Learn to live in the moment

✅Compile A Subconscious Mind Profile

✅Unleash Your Subconscious Mind With These Techniques

Plus, a whole lot more…


Secrets to Experiencing the Beauty of the Present Moment.

Unlock the Keys to a Happier, Calmer, and Fulfilled You.

Do you find yourself distracted and stuck in cycles of compulsive thinking?

Sometimes, the thoughts are about your past failures and regrets.

You over-analyze past situations and think I should have said this” or “I shouldn’t have done that. Often, these thoughts create guilt, shame, and regret which bring your mood down.

At other times, you obsess about what might happen in the future.

The Powerful Practices That You’ll Learn In This Life-Changing Course:

✅The surprising reason why you are always distracted plus how to fix lack of concentration.

✅How a little-known and cost-free practice can help you avoid stress and mental disorders.

✅The key differences between mindfulness and meditation plus how you can take advantage of both practices.

✅How to significantly reduce your stress levels so that you can be happier.

✅4 types of mindfulness activities that can supercharge your ability to stay present.

✅The greatest source of distraction that might be affecting you without your knowledge.

✅Do you struggle with negative emotions? Use the techniques in chapter 3 to improve your mood.

✅How the little-known concept of Hygee can help you be more mindful.

✅What to do instead of wasting your time on digital platforms.

✅The most common misconception that most people have about meditation and mindfulness and the truth about these practices.

✅7 life-changing benefits of practicing mindfulness.

✅6 mindfulness techniques that can help you reduce stress.

✅How to choose your actions instead of making irrational choices that lead to disasters.

✅7 quick and easy ways to incorporate mindfulness techniques into your exercise routine.

✅How to be more present in your life.

✅Mindfulness secrets from the happiest countries in the world.

✅5 easy-to-implement mindfulness tips to help you restore your sleep patterns.

✅10 surprising ways of including mindfulness into your yoga practice.

Plus many more powerful practices and techniques!


Morning Ritual

Learn How To Create A Morning Ritual You Want To Wake Up To!

In other words, you have a groggy feeling, which is often called sleep inertia. In order to be productive in the mornings and to actually wake up, you need to cut that sleep inertia so that you can go about your day.

Still, sleep inertia isn’t the easiest thing to stop in its tracks. One of the more successful techniques for waking up your brain and getting started with your day, no matter how early it is in the morning, is by using a morning ritual.

A morning ritual is a routine you perform every morning to acclimate you to the day, wake up your brain, and cut through brain fog.

In this course, you will learn the following:

✅Why you should have a morning routine.

✅How fast you can expect to see the benefits of a morning ritual.

✅How to use a morning journal to create the best morning routine.

✅How the main objective will help you create a morning routine that is effective.

✅How to create a new morning routine based on your current routine.

✅Why you need a busy morning routine.

✅Busy morning routine ideas and tips.

✅Why you need a slow morning routine.

✅Slow morning routine ideas and tips.

✅The dangers of using devices in the morning.

✅How to cut out device-use during the morning.

✅When devices may be helpful in the morning.

✅How your nighttime routine affects your morning.

✅Ways to utilize your time at night to make mornings go by smoother.

✅How to continue improving your routine down the line.

– And much more!

So are you ready to change yourself and become more focused to a better version of yourself?

All this for Rs 199/-


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