Spells, Rituals And Oils Zoom Workshop

Wicca & Hoodoo Spells, Rituals & Oils Live Workshop On Zoom Starting On October 22nd. You will learn how to do 50 spells in this beautiful workshop, the casting is done by an actual wiccan practitioner. Making of 5 oils will be demonstrated on the last day. Recordings of each day will be uploaded on […]

3 Days Ritual Magick

Join us and perform live on zoom with us, to bring Prosperity, Relationships, and Angel Healing.
Join now at early bird Energy Exchange, which will revert to original EE on the 30th September.

Abundance Creator WhatsApp Workshop

The Abundance Creator is a modified version of “The 40 day Prosperity Plan” by John Randolph Price.Mr. Price’s original plan is more centered around Christian Mysticism. The principles behind this plan are UNIVERSAL. The ProgramHere is a program for realizing abundant prosperity in your life and affairs. It takes 40 days for consciousness to realize […]

3 Amazing Workshops

You will get access to 3 amazing workshops in this package. The descriptions are given below. This is a self study method, for 3 days. You do not have to be online, you will get access to the downloadable manuals inside the group. You will also get 3 E-Certificates on the 3rd Day. Please be […]


Unlike other techniques for relaxation, Reiki is one of the most simple and all natural means of healing a person’s spirit. In fact, it is so safe that almost all people can make use of it. When used properly and trained religiously, Reiki can be an answer to all the health and emotional problems of people.

Fairy Magick Reiki WhatsApp Workshop

You do not have to know or understand quantum physics to know that Fairies do exist, and that we rarely ever see them with our physical eyes. We sense them, feel their presence, and very often can communicate with them psychically through telepathy or visions. The Fairy Magick will connect you to all Fairies, if you wish to call on them for assistance.