Andromalius Multi Purpose Spell

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Andromalius is a figure from demonology and occult practices. According to traditional occult beliefs, summoning Andromalius is associated with various benefits. Here are some purported benefits attributed to summoning Andromalius:

Andromalius can provide insights and knowledge about hidden or secret matters. Summoners may seek his assistance in uncovering truths or acquiring hidden knowledge.

Andromalius is often associated with matters of justice and protection. He can aid in uncovering and exposing wrongdoing, as well as providing protection against malicious individuals or situations.

Andromalius is evoked to help recover lost or stolen possessions. He can assist in locating the stolen items and ensuring their return to their rightful owners.

Andromalius has the ability to banish negative energies, spirits, or influences. One may seek his aid in removing obstacles, curses, or malevolent entities from their lives.

Andromalius can provide guidance and insight into future events or outcomes. He may be invoked for divinatory purposes or to gain clarity on specific matters.

You can use this spell for:

1.Hit back someone who has gossiped about you
2.Cause damage to someone who has stolen your property
3.Cause damage to someone who has misused your work
4.Bring back stolen goods
5.Cause damage to someone who has taken away your partner/spouse
6.Cause damage to someone who has taken advantage of you
7.Find out the truth of a situation/person
8.Find a new partner/husband/wife/lover
9.Find funds for a new business
10.Find a place to live/start business

What will be demonstrated:
High protection ritual
Offering ritual
Summoning ritual
License to depart ritual

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  • July 1, 2023 12:00 am   -   December 31, 2023 12:00 am
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