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Flower healing is not related to Bach Flower Remedies, it is a different healing modality using flowers, and with an attunement process as well.

Flowers are a sheer epitome of beauty with medicinal utility.

They are not something which casts a magical spell just with its evoking appeal and aroma. From get well soon flowers to some other exotic flowers, every flower is one of a kind in its meaning, appeal, color, structure and usage.

But also some flowers for healing and strength are simply the ones which make our day, effortlessly.

Most of us might have heard of medicinal plants, but only a few of us would know there existed some medicinal flowers.

A healing flowers bouquet treats us better than some of the medicines, as well.

In this 5 day workshop we are going to teach you

The Mystical Uses Of Flowers
Remedies Using Flower Therapy
How Flowers Heal
Step by step distant healing procedure

You will get attunement on the 5th day. Please check the daily schedule below.

The workshop has audios, videos, notes and PDF to take away.

Event Timelines

DAY 1. 8 PM

The Mystical Uses Of Flowers | Whatsapp + Zoom

DAY 2. 8 PM

Remedies Using Flower Therapy | Whatsapp + Zoom

DAY 3. 8 PM

How Flowers Heal | Whasapp + Zoom

DAY 4. 8 PM

Step by step distant healing procedure | Whatsapp + Zoom

DAY 5. 8 PM

Attunement  Zoom

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  • Online Classroom

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  • March 8, 2022 8:00 pm   -   December 31, 2023 12:00 am
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