Hamsa The Hand Of Protection From Evil WhatsApp Workshop

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In the Arab world, the Hamsa Hand is very popularly used as a symbol of protection in cars, houses, schools, and anywhere people come together.

It is said that we sometimes cause evil to others even without our knowledge. The Hamsa Hand is used to protect us from being affected by the evil eye, as well as a protection from black magick and evil intentions.

This workshop will help you learn the techniques to use Hamsa with 5 forms of meditation and exercises

• Brings you peace and radiates love.
• Attracts love, good luck, happiness, riches and good health
• Helps against negative energy.
• Protects you and your loved ones from evil eyes.
• Blocks any black magick against you.

Please check the FAQ on this page for clearing any doubts you have regarding this class.

Workshop is on WhatsApp with 1 zoom session.
Lifetime support to all students
Attunement on Zoom

Event Timelines

DAY 1.

Introduction meeting and Notes on WhatsApp

DAY 2.

Notes on WhatsApp | History | Benefits | Healing Procedure | Meditation Method | Grounding | Discussion On Whatsapp | 


Attunement On Zoom

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Event FAQs

How Can I join?

Click the whatsapp button, and we will assist you to make a payment and add you to the group.

What are the available payment methods ?

You can pay here using UPI Payments, or you can click on the whatsapp button and pay using google pay, paytm or phone pe.

Are there live classes?

Yes, on the last day there will be a live session

I have a problem which I don't want to share in a group, how can I solve this?

For this kind of situation, you need to select the one on one ticket option

Can I use this system to heal and teach others after this?

Yes, we will be teaching how to heal others and also how to pass over the attunement.

I am shy to be with other members in a group, do you have one on one coaching for this?

Yes, we surely do have a one on one coaching for those who have a privacy concern. You can click the whatsapp button and mention this before you make a payment.

Event Location:

  • Online Classroom

Event Schedule Details

  • February 1, 2022 10:00 am   -   December 31, 2023 12:00 am
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