How To Make Perfumes WhatsApp Workshop

Learn on WhatsApp, how to make your own perfume! Why spend so much money buying them…and who knows..maybe tomorrow your name will be on a perfume like Madhuri Dixit’s!!

Anti Aging Preventions & Solutions WhatsApp Workshop

Sugar can damage our skin because of something called glycaton. Smokers also tend to suffer from baggy and droopy eyes far more so than non-smokers. Knowing the importance of our skin and how it works can be a vital element in preventing ageing from showing up on it. With the technology that we have at […]

7 Healing Workshops

This workshop is available until 31st December. Click the Whatsapp chat box to join through whatsapp.

Usui Reiki Level 1 Online Course

Reiki is a healing practice that has been practiced for more than a hundred years. By definition, the Reiki energy that is often referred as an essence, symbolizes power, a transcendental spirit and universal. Reiki is universal energy that comes to us from God. Traditional Usui Reiki is a very powerful healing system – but […]

Gua Sha Healing WhatsApp Workshop

Gua Sha is used by those who are looking for an alternative treatment, practiced successfully in the East. For those who refuse western medical treatments or western medical treatments offer no hope, turn to eastern medical treatments in hopes of cure. Gua Sha is an ancient therapeutic practice that began in Asia centuries ago. It […]