Unlocking the Cosmos: 27 Secret Arcturian Symbols and Their Activation

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Step into the enigmatic realm of Arcturian wisdom with “Unlocking the Cosmos”, an illuminating course that delves deep into the 27 secret symbols of Arcturian origin. These symbols, passed down through interstellar whispers and cosmic visionaries, are said to hold the keys to understanding higher-dimensional existence, personal transformation, and universal love. Guided by experienced facilitators, you will not only learn about each symbol but also discover how to activate its inherent energy.

Course Highlights:

Introduction to Arcturian Wisdom: Explore the rich tapestry of Arcturian history, beliefs, and their profound connection to humanity.

Deep Dive into the Symbols:

Study each of the 27 symbols in detail. From their intricate designs to their deeper metaphysical meanings, immerse yourself in their mysteries.

Hands-on Activation Techniques:

Learn a variety of meditative practices, visualization techniques, and energy work to activate the power of the symbols within your own consciousness.

Real-world Application:

Understand how to incorporate the energies and teachings of these symbols into daily life, fostering personal growth, healing, and spiritual ascension.


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  • Online Classroom

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  • September 4, 2023 11:00 am   -   September 30, 2023 11:59 pm
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