How To Use This Website

AtsBay WhatsApp Workshops are for those who want to learn spiritual courses on WhatsApp. You do not need a computer of any other gadget.

How it works?

If you are not from India, you would be asking this question…. Actually when we first started our online courses in India, about 4 years back, we introduced our international website….and to be honest, it was a big bad decision…BUT…we realized this within 3 months of studying the market!

No one is so keen about picking up a laptop and walking around…they are happy doing everything on their phones! Wow….I mean, literally it was a blow to our so called advanced technology!!!

To make a long sad story short….we delved into Facebook and discovered the world of WhatsApp Workshops, and Gurus!! That was our turning point in India! The moment we started introducing our courses as WhatsApp Workshops, we have been unstoppable… And this is the end product of our ideas.. A website, entirely for whatsapp courses- AtsBay WhatsApp Workshops

Now how do you access a whatsapp workshop….very simple…

The minute you make a payment, your trainer will add you to the “paid whatsapp group”, which simply means that everyone in the said group has already paid and are waiting for more people to join, or a specific date.

Once the trainer has achieved his/her target payments, or slots, or on the specific date, you will start getting voice messages, text messages.. etc inside the group, which you may access a any time. Whatever has been advertised will be provided inside the group…so easy and simple.

So on a rainy day, during the lockdown….what do you do….you simply pay for a Whatsapp Workshop, make some garam pakoras, masala chai.…and enjoy munching, sipping as well as learning!!

Our WhatsApp workshops are interesting, or we make them more enjoyable. We have activities, games, lucky draws inside the groups, so that people get a chance to win some cash prizes. We also have free workshops every week.

One thing we noticed in India is that there are many trainers, who do not have content to do their own workshops and end up not earning anything. That is why we decided to give our courses for resale, you will see about all this in the video below!