There are several ways to view what Magick is. Again, at its most broad, it can be defined as any willed action leading to intended change. It can also be seen as the general set of methods used to accomplish the Great Work of mystical attainment.

At the practical level, Magick most often takes several practices and forms of ritual, including banishing, invocation and evocation, eucharistic ritual, consecration and purification, astral travel, yoga, sex magic, and divination.

This workshop will give you a mixed set of spells that can be used without any so called “attunements”….anyone can practice them!!


You will learn from the very first step, to the advanced level of creation of rituals. 


You will learn white and dark magick. 


White Spells:

1.Removing Blocks In Career

2.Healing Spell For Illness

3.Business Success

4.Protection At Workplace

5.Protection Against Fraud/Cheating

6.Beating A Rival

7.Healers Success Spell

8.To Stop Bad Luck

9.To Stop Gossip

10.Social Media Attack/Abuse

11.To Get An Admission To An University

12.To Pass an Exam

13.To Manage In laws

14.To Bind Your Partner/Lover To You

15.For Job Security

16.For Couples To Strengthen Love

17.Interview/Audition Success

18.Banishing Someone

19.Find A Lost Object

20.To Grow Confidence

21.To Get A Place In Showbiz

22.To Start A Successful Business From Scratch

23.Online Love Success

24.Fertility Spell

25.Restoring Prosperity

26.Attract Good Customers

27.Hex Removal

28.Stabilizing Your Finances

29.Specific Money Within A Week

30.Specific Money Within A Week-2

31.Money Manifestation (Fast Money Come To Me)

32.Fast Money Spell

33.Attracting Love Spell

34.For Husband/Wife/Lover Binding

35.To Get Married

36.To Increase Love Between Husband And Wife

37.To Strengthen Long Distance Love

38.To Conceive

39.Share Market/Chance Bidding



42.Spiritual Growth

43. Detecting Hex(Black Magick)

44.Black Magick Removal

45.Apple Jar Spell For Child Support From Spouse

46.To Find Out If Someone Is Deceiving You

47.Court Case/Selling Property/Unblocking Roads

48.Summoning Spirits

49.Teach Someone A Lesson

50.Migrate To Country Of Desire


Dark Spells:

1. Break up a Love Affair

2. Break up a Friendship
3. Break up a Marriage
4. Break up a dating couple
5. Break up a Sexual Relationship
6. Bad Luck in Gambling
7. Lose Their Home
8. Lose Their Job
9. Lose Business
10. Share Market Loss
11. Lose Beauty

12. Develop Rashes On Body

13. Break Bones

14. Cause Madness

15. Cause Loss Of  Memory

16. Cause Blood Loss

17. Make The Body Stink

18. Depression

19. Cause Suicidal Tendency

20. Cause Nightmare


The rest 30 will be on request of students.


You will learn how to invoke spirits who will be assisting you in spells and rituals. 


This workshop is not based on any religion, though the rituals are inspired by various traditions followed around the world.