Atsbay Witches Runes Divination 13 Piece Set With Instructions

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Set of 13 witches runes, dome shape, polished and smooth. This is a set of 13 runes, specially designed for divination.
Each is approximately 1 inch
Quantity: 13 pc/pack; Weight: approx 80-100 gram/pack

These runes can also be used as palm stones, worry stones. It can be used for reiki, healing and chakra balancing and can be carried anywhere in your palm or pocket.

Witch runes are modern variations of historical runes, with glyphs representing gods, goddesses, and symbols familiar to modern divination.

The runes can be used to help guide you through problems or issues and help show you what is likely to happen.

We have the runes in different colors.

Color will be chosen as per availability.

Made of Good Quality material,durable.

1Set includes 13 Runes, instruction video link can be provided if buyer requests after purchase.

Printed meanings of the set are included with the purchase.

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Pink, Lavender, Blue, White


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