Magickal Spell Kit

 3,500.00 10,000.00


Magickal spell kits are made to order with regard to your requirements. You can do a spell using the kit, for various purposes. I make each item myself, very spiritually.

You can message me your requirement before purchasing, so that I will prepare the candles, oils and the herbs accordingly. No spell is the same, because each person has a different story, and a different requirement.

I have been making spell kits for people for the past 35 years and my spell kits really work. I have helped people reunite with their exes, get married, removed debts, healed emotional traumas, send back curses, removed black magick….just to name a few.

I am online 20 hours a day, so you can contact me at any time, to discuss your issue through whatsapp messages. I will validate your situation and make the right spell kit for you.

Once you order, I will prepare the candles, oils and herbs, which will take 2 days maximum. I usually post them on the 3rd day after your purchase.

Each spell kit contains
Candles, herbs to burn, incense, and  oils as per the particular spell.

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Love Spell Kit, Marriage Spell Kit, Revenge Spell Kit, Black Magick Removal Kit, Career Spell Kit, Business Growth Kit, Abundance Kit, Fast Money Kit, Lottery Win Kit, Healing Spell Kit, Get Your Ex Back Kit, Clairvoyance Spell Kit, Breakup Spell Kit, Conceive Spell Kit, Admission Abroad Spell Kit, Migration Spell Kit, Remove Third Person Spell Kit, Career Growth Spell Kit, New Job Spell Kit, Job Promotion Spell Kit, Become Popular Spell Kit, Stop Gossip Spell Kit, Destroy An Enemy Spell Kit, Manipulation Spell Kit, Domination Spell Kit, Customized Spell Kit


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