7 Pentacles Of Mars


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The 44 Seals Of Solomon are magickal seals found in 930BC, handed over from King Solomon Of Israel to his son and heir. They were later handed over to different people and been translated to English. They can be used as talismans or charms for various purposes.

There are 7 different pentacles of Mars, choose what you want from the options.

The talisman can be used as a charm or as a pendant. Made in alloy and resin, diameter is 4.5cms.

Keep away from heat


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Pentacles Of Mars

1. For Self Confidence, Ambition & Sports, 2. To Cure Any Illness, 3. Breaking Up, 4. Win An Argument/Fight, 5. Make All Demons Obey, 6. Return Any Kind Of Attack, 7. Create Confusion


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