Wiccan Hoodoo Magickal Oils

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All oils come in 15ml bottles. These oils are for external use, and not to be taken internally.

Check the list and properties below:

Come To Me Oil 
Come To Me Oil is a powerful attraction oil which will bind a lover to you. Wear on your body to attract that special someone or place a few drops on top of a pink candle to enhance its strength.

Abundance Oil 
This oil is for attracting money into your life. You can take a big denomination note, dab few drops of abundance oil on it, and keep it inside your cash box. Daily take it out and say “Bring me more” and put it back. When ever you get some money, replace the note in the cash box with another note, repeat the procedure.

Business Increase Oil 
Take a few drops of the oil and mix it with water in a sprayer, spray it in your office, front door of your business organization, dab a few drops on your business cards. You can also place a few drops on a green candle and light it for 10 minutes in your office.

Love Oil 
Evoke the goddess of love with this love attraction blend. This has rose essential oil in it with other blends and it will attract love into your life. Apply one drop behind your left ear first day, then on your forehead to attract love, can be with your partner, or a new person. Can be used in a pink candle and also a few drops on a pink quartz.

Conceive Oil 
This oil is for people who are wanting a baby. Apply one drop on your sacral chakra, for both men and women, before sex. Mix with water and spray in your bedroom. Put few drops on your bed. Light a white candle and place a few drops on the candle.

Banish Fear Oil
Apply one drop on forehead after moon rises every evening to remove any fear you have. Light a diya, and put exactly 9 drops in it on every Friday night. Mix with water and spray in your house once a week.

Marriage Oil 
Put one drop behind your left ear on the first day, next day onwards apply one drop on forehead. Marriage proposals will start coming in. Every morning, place two drops on a white candle and light it for 10 minutes in your bedroom. Place 2 drops in a diya and light it in your living room every evening.

Protection Oil 
This oil is for being protected against evil eye and also against black magick. Mix with water and spray every Thursday in your house. Apply one drop in the evening, daily anywhere on your body.

Remove Negativity Oil 
This oil will remove any negativity that has entered your home, through words or through objects left by someone. Mix with water and spray inside your house, every Friday.

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